School Advisory Council

The Tuskawilla  Middle School Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of teachers, parents, administrators, and community representatives. The School Advisory Council meets monthly to discuss current events at Tuskawilla, listen to the Principal’s Report, suggest ways to improve the school and increase student achievement, and other important achievements. The School Advisory Council meets the second Tuesday of each month and is open for any parent or staff member to attend. If you have any questions or want to become involved please email Dr. Jessica Webb at for more information.


  • Jennifer Ambrosi – Chair Person
  • Kathy Vrochopoulos - Vice Chairperson
  • Shannon Sinness - Recording Secretary
  • Sandy Baldorossi – Instructional
  • Jonnell Lewis Factor – Instructional
  • Jonnell Lewis Factor – Instructional
  • Janna Foster – Instructional
  • Carlos Rodriguez – Instructional 
  • Terrill Ross Hauer - Instructional 
  • Wendy Martinez - Non-Instructional
  • Aweina Amour-Ahmad
  • Ruth Brown
  • Brandi Cepeda
  • Adriana Farfan
  • Nagwa Gawargy
  • Jodie Martin
  • Melissa Nicholson
  • Niyati Patel
  • Ken Picton
  • Jennifer Ramos
  • Matthew Sansbury
  • Jennifer Wherrell
  • Jessica Webb – Principal’s Liaison
  • Randy Shuler – Principal