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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Dividends School Volunteer!  The Dividends School Volunteer Program is a district-wide effort that encourages and promotes community involvement in the Seminole County Public Schools.  Last year over 25,000 volunteers donated 428,000 hours to our elementary through high school students.  This represents over $8,500,000 worth of services donated by the community to our schools, and our numbers continue to grow!  Thousands of students have received individual help and attention so vital to their success, while hundreds of teachers have enjoyed and appreciated the "extra pairs of hands."  As a volunteer, you can choose the school, grade level, day, and time convenient to their schedule.  Register today to become a Dividends School Volunteer because TOGETHER WE SHINE!

Serving as a Dividend School Volunteer is a volunteer activity. In order to properly screen Dividends for a discretionary activity an applicant must provide his/her social security number.  Applicants, who declined to furnish a social security number, may not serve as a school volunteer.

To ensure the protection and safety of the students, all volunteers are subject to a random background screening. If selected, you will be asked to be fingerprinted at the district's expense. If a volunteer refuses to comply, their volunteer application will be de-activated. 

Furthermore, in accordance with Seminole County Public Schools Board Policy 6.69, "non-student Social security numbers may be released to a commercial entity as permitted by law. The commercial entity must state the reason for requesting the social security numbers. A commercial entity is any corporation, partnership, limited partnership, proprietorship, sole proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, or association that performs a commercial activity in this state. Release of social security numbers shall processed as required by ยง119.071(5), Fla. Stat."  This means that Seminole County Public Schools will not release Social Security numbers to any commercial entity unless the commercial entity has been approved and in compliance with the Florida Statutes.

All Dividend volunteers are required to re-activate their applications each year. If you cannot register online, paper applications are available at any district school or at the Educational Support Center. You can also email Misa_ Mills@scps.k12.fl.us and we can send you an electronic copy of the application. If you are applying and need to register with a paper application, you will also need to furnish written documentation: written explanation (include year of incident), arrest record, and final disposition. This paperwork will be submitted to the District Professional Standards Committee. We will inform you of their decision. Please contact the Dividends office at 407-320-0178 for further questions.

Visit the Dividends Volunteer Program website for more information.