Student Services

Student Services Office

The Student Services Office is where students go for just about all of their needs.  Within the Student Services Office are both of our School Counselors, our Dean of Students, our Assistant Principal that supervises discipline and our Secretary in charge of discipline, transportation, and parent/teacher conferences.  Students can also find our Lost and Found and required sports forms in the Student Services Office.

Bus Pass Policy

If you are a new student and need a bus pass, please contact Ms. Lyons at  If a student needs a bus pass to ride a different bus other than their own, an email or written letter needs to be provided to Ms. Lyons at the beginning of the school day the bus pass is needed from the parent or guardian of that student with the student name, date the pass is needed, and the reason for the bus pass.  These should only be requested for extenuating circumstances.  Unfortunately, bus passes cannot be given out to students to ride home with a friend for extracuricluar activities.

Parent/Teacher Conference Request

Schedule a conference online.

Please complete the conference request form so we can schedule a parent/teacher conference as soon as possible. Parent/Teacher conferences can be face-to-face or via WebEx at the request of the parent or guardian. 

*If you are requesting a meeting to discuss 504 accommodations, DO NOT FILL THIS FORM OUT. Please e-mail Ms. Hernandez directly at

*If you are requesting a meeting to discuss your child's IEP accommodations, DO NOT FILL THIS FORM OUT. Please e-mail Ms. Barrett directly at